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Charles Jackson is the Founder of Reality Check Project, a non-profit organization geared towards re-entry, “at-risk” and adjudicated youth. Charles launched RCP in 2017 to share his dramatic and inspiring life story to positively impact individuals who are struggling in their lives. His testimony provides guidance, tools and mentorship to promote effectual change in the trajectory of one’s life.

Charles has presented RCP to prison inmates, middle and high school students and various agencies that service adjudicated and “at-risk” youth across the U.S. Charles designed and implemented RCP to be a dynamic agent of change for youth and to encourage each other to be grateful and empowered.

Charles Jackson

Dr. Jarret Patton

Honorable Scott E. Lash

Superintendent Thomas McGinley at Coal Township Prison          

Our Mission is to provide reentry – at risk and adjudicated youth with insight for awareness of the consequences of choice.

Focusing on passion and purpose Reality Check Project transformation provides individuals with tools and strategies to change the directions of their lives and their future.

Was This Fate

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What was supposed to be a birthday celebration, turns into a homicide, creating a storm. But in the storm there is peace and an assignment is uncovered. In, “Was this fate?”, Charles learns about patience and perseverance. More importantly, he uses his experience to become a powerful agent of change.

His testimony provides guidance, tools and mentorship to promote affective change in the trajectory of one’s life.

Reality Check Project Transformation Service Offerings

Studies find in particular that connecting with youth through mentoring programs is a viable strategy for both preventing and reducing delinquent behavior. In line with the research crime solution – an initiative of the National Institute of Justice that reviews justice related practices and programs for evidence of their effectiveness has rated mentoring as effective for reducing delinquency outcomes. (

Week 1 Reality Check
Objective: To provide the class with an overview of my story / experiences to make personal connection and credibility with class.

Week 2: Dealing with Stress and Anger
Objective: To provide the class with an overview of the potential negative effects of dealing with everyday stress and anger.

Week 3: Peer Pressure and Influences
Objective: To provide the class with an in-depth examination of how peer pressure and social influences effect their decision making.

Week 4: Coaching
Objective: Have the class demonstrate coaching skills with process clarity.

Week 5: Making Good Decisions
Objective: Class will examine the effects their parents play in their personal growth and development.

Week 6: Guides to Transforming Power
Objective: To teach class the guides to transforming power.

Charles will share some of the obstacles he overcame in order to get from where he was to creating the life that he wanted to live right now. Contact Charles to book speaking engagements.

Coaches address the whole person, with an emphasis on producing right action that leads to more fulfillment, more balance, and more effective processes for living. Personal coaching is the single best way to reach your personal and professional goals. If you're interested in one on one coaching message Charles below today for more information.

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